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2016 Design Awards Information

The AIA Jacksonville Design and Honor Awards Program is the method by which the Jacksonville, Florida Architectural profession honors members, advocates, and industry participants to encourage excellence in architecture, to elevate public consciousness of good planning and design and to recognize those whose work or advocacy enriches the built environment.­ Design and Honor Awards are bestowed upon members and participants who have contributed to the advancement of architecture, urban planning, art and craftsmanship.

Projects selected for recognition by the Jury will receive an “Award of Excellence” or “Award of Merit” at the discretion of the jury, with the Award of Excellence being reserved for the most deserving.­


  • Built Projects:­ Projects must have been completed since January 2011 with substantial completion finished by March 2016.
    • General:­ This sub-category recognizes built projects of all types that are non-residential in nature.
    • Residential:­ This sub-category recognizes built projects of all types that are residential in nature, both single family and multi-family.
  • Unbuilt Projects: Projects must have been designed or crafted since January 2011 by AIA members, firms, or emerging professionals.­ Eligibility includes projects not built at this time or those which may never be built.

Eligibility:­ An architectural project designed by a member of the Jacksonville Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, regardless of project location shall be eligible to be submitted for an award as long as the design occurred within the Chapter office and was substantially completed during the five previous calendar years. ­No project previously receiving a Jacksonville Chapter Award is eligible.


The Mellen C. Greeley Craftsmanship Award is for work demonstrating superior quality of workmanship in the building construction industry. ­This award recipient shall be selected by the Board of Directors AIA Jacksonville from the nominees.­

Eligibility:­ Any individual, team, subcontractor or general contractor who directly executed or was responsible for any phase of building construction may be nominated.­ Work performed entirely or primarily in a Partnership may also be nominated.­ Work shall be located within the Duval, Nassau, St. Johns or Clay Counties, and have been completed during the five previous calendar years.



Nominations for the following honor awards will also be accepted by the AIA Jacksonville Board of Directors concurrent with this year’s program:

Henry John Klutho Award

“Henry John Klutho was one of Jacksonville’s most talented and prolific Architects. ­During a career that spanned over six decades, he created numerous works of consistent high quality that, to this day, continue to be a significant part of the City’s architectural fabric.­ In the spirit of this accomplishment, this award is given in recognition of life-long commitment to design excellence, advancement of the profession and the enhancement of the built environment.”­ The Executive Committee of AIA Jacksonville shall select this recipient from the nominees.

John W. Dyal Award

In memory of John W. Dyal, this award shall be given annually to recognize an architect whose leadership and service has been a direct benefit to the profession or community.­ The nominee’s leadership and service must demonstrate quality outcomes in works of art, programs or civic influences over an extended time.­ Any member of AIA Jacksonville is eligible for this award.­ Selection of the recipient for this award, from the various nominees, shall be made by the three past John Dyal award winners prior to the immediate past recipient.

Community Service Award

To recognize an individual citizen, a community organization, a governmental agency or a local company or corporation who has made a significant effort contributing to the advancement of architecture, the arts or the environment within the community.­ The Executive Committee of AIA Jacksonville shall select this recipient from the nominees.

Linda Mack Award

Awarded in memory of Linda Mack to an individual within the architectural community whose outstanding drawing ability, rendering talent or artistic endeavors enhances the promotion of architecture to the community.­ This includes works in computer graphics, computer imaging, and 3-D modeling.­ The Executive Committee of AIA Jacksonville shall select this recipient from the nominees.

Test of Time Award

To recognize works of architecture, 25 years or more after their completion, in which the function, aesthetic statement and execution of the project can be reassessed.­ The project must remain substantially in its original form, be in good condition and still house its original program.­ Change in use is permitted if it has not basically altered the original intent of the design.­ The Executive Committee of AIA Jacksonville shall select this recipient from the nominees.




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